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Award-winning Vegan haircare!

Being recognised as an award-winning vegan haircare brand is something to be incredibly proud of. Vegan shampoos and conditioners  are not only good for our hair but also for the environment and animals. It's wonderful to see the beauty industry embracing cruelty-free and sustainable options.Vegan products are made without any animal-derived ingredients or by-products, which means they are suitable for vegans and those who are conscious about their impact on animals. By choosing vegan ...

January 23, 2024

Top 6 tips to care for your hair

TOP 6 TIPS TO KEEP YOUR HAIR HEALTHY AND HAPPY! Several factors including stress, poor diet, poor sleep and more can cause hair breakage or thinning and dull hair. In other words, your lifestyle could have a great effect on your hair health.So, if your hair is losing its glow or breaking, you may need to adjust your lifestyle and adopt great hair care habits. Here are the top 6 habits for healthy and strong hair: #1 – Eat a Diet that supports healthy hair You can keep your hair healthy and str...

May 3, 2022

Blending old highlights with a reverse ombré

Leah had had her hair heavily highlighted in a different salon but the tone of blonde didn’t suit her skin tone and the maintenance was too much for her. We had a thorough consultation a few weeks ago where we discussed options and ways to make it easier to look after. Leah had a lot of breakage all over so we treated her hair very carefully and used our Saffronplex in colour bonding treatment to help repair some of the damage yet prevent damage from this colour.Theresa created a reverse ombr...

January 26, 2022

Why is Balayage a game changer?

When we first heard about Balayage, it was a hair game changer. No longer did we have to sit, head in foils, for what felt like forever to end up with hair so stripy it brought us back to the early 2000s. Then suddenly, the internet was filled with enviable Instagram-worthy caramel, beach-tousled hair looks. Aside from looking lush, why is Balayage such a game changer for your hair style?...

January 26, 2022

News: we’ve reached the finals for Entrepreneur of the Year at the National Hair & Beauty Awards 2020

To be shortlisted alongside some of the best salons and stylists throughout the country is a huge honour, and we’re crossing everything that we can win the big one next May! We’ve been selected for our amazing Saffron Hair Home Haircare range! Great hair doesn’t have to cost the Earth (quite literally, in this case), and our natural, cruelty-free products mean you can feel your best without harming the environment, no matter your hair type.  We use 100% natural ingredients throug...

January 26, 2022

Our top 4 vegan products revolutionising our daily hair care routines

We know how difficult it is to find vegan hair products that are both ethical but also good for your hair – so we made our own! After all, what’s good for the planet is good for us. Saffron Hair’s Theresa, Salon Owner, has always been conscious of animal welfare. “It’s a cause that’s close to my heart. I have always struggled to find quality products that don’t compromise on values, and products that are good for my hair and scalp.” These are Saffron Hair’s everyday must-h...

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