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Top 6 tips to care for your hair


Several factors including stress, poor diet, poor sleep and more can cause hair breakage or thinning and dull hair. In other words, your lifestyle could have a great effect on your hair health.
So, if your hair is losing its glow or breaking, you may need to adjust your lifestyle and adopt great hair care habits.

Here are the top 6 habits for healthy and strong hair:

#1 – Eat a Diet that supports healthy hair

You can keep your hair healthy and strong by eating a nutrient-rich diet. Your hair is composed of mostly proteins, so a good habit to adopt is to eat protein-rich foods. Some good foods to add to your diet include fish, meat, beans, eggs, berries, avocadoes, and spinach.
Vitamin deficiency can also lead to hair loss, so taking foods rich in vitamin C and E is a good option. You can also load up on multivitamins to boost your hair health and keep it strong.

#2 - Use the best quality shampoo and conditioner you can afford 

Clean your hair with shampoo every other day but some like me prefer twice a week. But ensure the shampoo you’re using is a good quality shampoo as a cheap detergent that can weaken your hair follicles with time. This puts your hair at risk of breakage, hence causing hair loss.
Using sulfate-free shampoo gently cleans your hair and scalp, removing debris and excess sebum, and supporting healthy hair growth.

#3 – Be mindful of hair-boosting ingredients

There are endless options of hair care products in the market today, but you need to be mindful of what you’re buying.
If you desire to keep your hair healthy and strong, narrow down your options by looking for strengthening ingredients that will nourish your hair strands.

#4 – Avoid too much heat

We know it’s soothing to enjoy a hot bath, but exposing your hair to a super-hot shower daily can irritate your scalp and weaken your hair strands.
Hence, it is advisable to always keep the temperature warm and not too hot. And at the end of your shower, you can do a quick cold-shower rinse to protect the cuticles, boost shine, and keep your hair healthy.

#5 – Minimize breakage

You can minimize your hair breakage using several measures. If you have long hair, do not pull it back frequently, and when you choose to do, use a hair tie to keep it gentle.
After your shower, you can blot your hair with a soft clean t-shirt, instead of rubbing or wringing your hair dry with a towel. This is important because wet hair is fragile and can break easily.
Also, do not forget to use a wide tooth comb, and work your way from the ends to the roots when detangling.
However, a Tangle teezer type brush or natural bristle brush is the best choice for a textured or curly hair as they help detangle without causing damage to your hair.

#6 – Condition correctly with great care

Conditioning your hair after using shampoo is a great hair care routine. You can use a leave-in conditioner once a week to boost your hair shine and smoothness.
Unless you have long hair, a tiny amount of conditioner is enough for most lengths and textures.
And when applying your conditioner, start from the ends and mid-shaft of your hair and massage gently so you don't cause a tangled mess. Allow the conditioner to settle for a full minute before rinsin. Keep this in mind if you’re a shampoo lover to prevent a dry scalp.
Closing Remark

Practicing and developing a habit from the tips above will help keep your hair healthy and strong. 
Eat healthy, use good quality shampoo and conditioner, use hair-strengthening and nourishing ingredients, avoid too much heat, minimize breakage and condition your hair. 
With these 6 habits, you can achieve and maintain strong and shiny hair.


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