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Hair Loss Biotin Gummies x50


People care about hair strength and growth, interestingly 46% of men wish that their hair was thicker, while 26% worry about hair loss when shampooing, and 70% of men are affected by hair loss. Similarly women also are concerned, 19% complain about thinning hair, 11% complain about the lack of growth and wish that it could grow faster, while only 40% are affected by hair loss. So what can we do to counteract this? Well we have here a range of Biotin and Caffeine products that are designed to prevent and activate hair to improve density and growth conditions.

50 vegan biotin and caffeine gummy stars because even with hair growth it matters what you take inside your body. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Take 1 Gummy a day. According to the FDA a single gummy can give up to ONE HUNDRED times the daily needed biotin! Chew thoroughly before swallowing. Each gummy tastes of raspberry and has only 15 calories!

In an ideal world each of our Biotin and Caffeine products should be used together to judge the difference.

This bottle will last 50 days and will require consistent use as it wont work over night and may take a few months to notice a difference, some will notice a difference within weeks but I know from watching a friends progress it can take 4/6 months for hair to grow through thicker. All of this only helps with regular trims and visits to the salon.
I have lots of information about the studies already conducted in clinical trials so if you're interested and would like more information please email and I can forward this to you.


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