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Luxury In car scent diffuser New York city


A perfect addition to any car.

This really is a scent that smells of luxurious surroundings! Imagine the smell of a high end perfume store and this is it. A clean polished vibe, strength is level 7.


-Unscrew lid.

-Remove plastic bung.

-Replace lid tightly.

-Gently shake the bottle so the perfume     contacts with the wooden cork

-Repeat as often as you like/needed

-Do not leave in direct sunlight.

-Do not turn up side down as will leak.

-Hang upright via attached string.

Our Deluxe hanging diffuses are available in all these fragrances and are perfect for cars, caravans, motor homes, offices, wardrobes, draws or small places.

We do not take responsibility for misuse of this product.

The perfume is not for wearing, avoid contact with skin and furniture.


The fragrance is highly concentrated so if a spillage occurs please clean up immediately.

Our Fragrances are no way affiliated with the designer fragrance companys. Our diffusers are inspired by, and simply smell similar to the original fragrances.

Please do not mix scents

SKU: 10000-2

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