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100% Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

We’ve upgraded our incredible 100% natural shampoo.

We have changed the packaging a couple of times but the last time didn’t feel right... even though the bottle looked stunning having a plastic piece of lavender inside didn’t fit well with us trying to lessen the plastic waste.

We have been on the hunt for beautiful dried lavender from the uk and have found some we love so all our bottles will now have this instead of the plastic.

The benefits of using Saffron hairs 100% natural Shampoo and Conditioner

  • EVENING PRIMROSE contains antioxidants to nourish the scalp and Omega 6 to fight hair loss and to stimulate healthy hair growth

  • ROSE GERANIUM OIL is full of amino acids to promote hair growth and balance the oil in the hair and scalp

  • ALOE VERA LEAF JUICE contains Vitamin A, B12, C and E and folic acid which strengthens and repairs hair strands and makes it look healthier, shiner and softer (Shampoo only)

  • LAVENDER OIL to promote hair growth, make hair thicker and to repair damage. Soothes itchy scalp and reduces dandruff and most of all, relaxing and smells lovely!

How to use


Apply a small amount to wet hair and massage into scalp, rinse and repeat. For best results, use with 100% Natural Conditioner
(please note that this shampoo will not lather like traditional shop-bought products, as it is free from nasties)


After shampooing, apply the 100% Natural Conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of your hair, then massage a small amount to the roots, if needed (this will help with irritated or dry scalps) Rinse.

For an intensive conditioning, leave in your hair for up to two minutes before rinsing.

Award-winning Vegan haircare!

January 23, 2024
Being recognised as an award-winning vegan haircare brand is something to be incredibly proud of. Vegan shampoos and conditioners  are not only good for our hair but also for the environment and animals. It's wonderful to see the beauty industry embracing cruelty-free and sustainable optio...
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